Stainless steel and mild steel ballustrades and handrails are the perfect choice for either indoor or outdoor use.  They can be used in any climate as they are resilient to all weather conditions, and are maintenance free.  Metrowelding manufacture and install handrails for any application to ensure an exact fit. 


Railings can be made of stainless flat bar or stainless tube and can be combined with toughened glass, timber or stainless steel cable and complement any décor.  Ballustrades can be used on stairways, platforms, ramps, escalators, balconies and safety barriers.


Metrowelding can offer specialised electropolishing of stainless steel for coastal or marine locations. This will ensure exposure to saltwater/chlorine does not result in tea staining or marking of stainless steel.  In one operation, the stainless steel product is given a bright and reflective finish, the surface is passivated with enhanced corrosion resistance.